South Bay Persian Heritage Foundation / Khaneh Iran

South Bay Persian Heritage Foundation (a.k.a. Khaneh Iran) is a division of PVICYCS (Palos Verdes Iranian Children and Youth Cultural Society), a 501(c)(3) which has a history of over 30 years serving the American community of Iranian Heritage in Palos Verdes and neighboring cities.

The basis of this Foundation is voluntary support of the participating Community members. The mission of this Foundation is to provide an educational and cultural environment for the American families of Iranian heritage, to promote their values, advance their community interests in the U.S., and contribute to the promotion of Iranian arts, language and cultural heritage.

The Foundation in line with its parent organization is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization without any bias toward any particular political, ideological, or religious group. Moreover, this association shall not participate in, endorse or repudiate any political, religious, or ethnic movements.
Donations collected from the community at large will be used for expansion of physical facilities, arrangement of educational programs, invited speakers and development and promotion of cultural  and educational resources in print and digital formats.

You can contact Khaneh Iran via 310.375.1051 or send an email to (

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